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Common mistakes when ordering and planning illuminated advertising

Different factors need to be considered when ordering and planning illuminated advertising which all influence the desired result and the illuminated advertising price.

Municipal government approvals

Usually, municipal governments have precepts/regulations on illuminated advertising. Illuminated advertising serves to mark and advertise the location of a company. It must be taken into consideration that advertising must not become disturbing to traffic or people living in the vicinity.

If you want to put the company logo or letters on a building, the first step should be to check with the municipal government on regulations and details. Approvals might take time and that must be taken into consideration.

Quotes are compared only based on price

No advertising provider considers that they are the only provider so the opportunity arises to compare quotes. When comparing quotes, it might not be apparent if the solutions are technically different.

The technical solution and quality of elements used directly influences maintenance costs, visibility and shelf-life of the advertisement. The solution that initially appears most economical might not be so in the long run. A lower price often indicates less reliable quality.

Design does not consider technical restrictions

Sometimes beautiful things on paper are technically very difficult (expensive) to produce or might not at all be realisable. It is very advisable already in the early stages to use a designer specialised in illuminated advertising who can ensure that the desired and final result are as identical as possible.

It is equally important which solution is desired to be used. Channel letters and illuminated boxes both offer different opportunities for presenting one’s logo or letters. These opportunities need to be considered before planning the advertisement. Sometimes one shall depart from standard frameworks and consider illuminated advertising special solutions.


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