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Illuminated advertising PRICE – how is it derived?

The price of illuminated advertising is foremost dependent on requested conditions – what distance will the advertising be viewed from and where will it be placed.

Contemporary illuminated advertising production possibilities allow making both very big and very small letters and illuminated boxes using different fonts with different light element characteristics and techniques.

The desired result influences the following factors that establish the price:

  • advertisement dimensions
  • design
  • technical solution
  • materials used
  • work hours
  • delivery period
  • installation

The price of illuminated advertising

Advertisement dimensions are an important part of establishing price as dimensions determine the amount of materials required. In case of extra-large advertisements, additional charges for fastening may be incurred.

Design influences the cost as a 1-metre-long advertisement may fit between 3-20 letters depending on the font used. Differentiation according to colour solutions also occurs. Two colour categories exist: advertising frame colours and advertising front surface  colour.

The advertisement’s front surface may use translucent Plexiglas, milky opal glass or PVC banner fabric which can all be covered with illuminated advertising film using manufacturer’s colour selections or personalised design print.

Illuminated advertising can be lit forward, to the back, to the side or using any combination, for example front and back. Dependent on the solution, different materials are used. The direction of lighting determines LED module type, quantity and price.

Materials used influence the price of advertising based on thickness and availability in case of special solutions . The same material with different thickness can have a significantly different price.

Currently, machines do most of the work required for producing illuminated advertising. However, some stages require the attention of qualified workers. The more complex technical solution, the more work hours are required, affecting the price additionally.

Illuminated advertising takes on average 4 weeks to complete from order confirmation until installation. During the time, materials are ordered, technical and construction drawings are made, different production processes are coordinated and quality control is carried out after which the advertising is ready for packaging, transport and installation.

Installation  is usually part of the order for illuminated advertising and the price is influenced by the following: installation site, installation height which determines equipment required (cage lift, crane); installation location – building façade, roof, wall, etc. The material at the installation location is also of significance as different façades, roofs and walls require specific means for fastening.

Quality illuminated advertising remains attractive for 5-10 years helping your company become and remain visible..

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