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Sales representatives / Project managers (4)

We have a dedicated sales representative for each of our existing markets: Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

The main duty of sales representatives is communication with new and existing clients advising them on how to find the best advertising solutions. The solution is then approved by the budgeter who calculates the cost(s) for the proposed advertisement(s). In cooperation with the designer, in addition to price, the client receives a preliminary plan/sketch of the advertisement. Additionally, the draughtsperson may add a drawing of the technical solution or even an external engineer/developer may make strength calculations.

Valgusreklaamide projektijuhidThe most important characteristics of the sales representative/project manager are a positive attitude, professionalism and exactness. These traits are augmented by uninterrupted access to information at any given moment via computers and smart phones that are connected to our central server giving.

The most important task of the sales representative/project manager is immediate communication with clients and cooperation partners. A major specific duty is to inform the production team of all inputs required (location, measurements, colour tones, electrical connection point location and readiness, installation) to produce the specific advertisement for the client. After all inputs have been communicated, agreements must be made with the client and installation team concerning delivery and installation.

The exact execution of the above tasks allows the advertisement to be produced for the client in the time frame and quality agreed upon.

Budgeter (2)

Our team has 2 budgeters whose role is to calculate costs based on information received from the sales representative and to establish the preliminary technical solution.

Eelarvestajad ja joonestajadThe budgeters use Corel Draw, Type3 design and material calculation programmes in their daily work.

Budgeters also check the feasibility of the solutions offered/requested by the client, sales representative or designer and where necessary offer a feasible solution themselves.

Designer (1)

During the offer phase the designer ensures that there is mutual agreement with the client on the objective. The designer makes suggestions on the suitability, style and possibilities of the advertisement. Where necessary, the designer will make a site visit to measure and photograph the location in order to visualise the end result. The designer is a consultant to project management.

Draughtsperson (2)

The main duty of draughtspersons is to make technical solutions and construction drawings for advertisements. In addition to gauge blocks, paper and pencil, draughtspersons have licences for SolidWorks, Corel Draw and Led Wizard software at their disposal. 3D models produced in the digital environment help foresee design defects and provide the production team with more accurate drawings.

Toomas has over 10 years of experience in advertising and over 15 years of experience using different design and drawing software products. Marek has 7 years of experience in advertising and production management. Long-term experience and good work means ensure that drawings are clearly legible, resulting in high-quality products.

Production (cutting, folding, milling, light, filming)

Valgusreklaamide tootmise meeskond

Production is led by the production manager and production planner who jointly organise the optimal fulfilment of each project.

The main duties of the production manager and -planner are to organise the daily and long-term production. Jointly, a monthly production plan is produced and a more exact plan is then made for the current week.

The next task is organising the daily work by assigning tasks to those responsible for different work stages. The team consists of a

  • miller (1)Valgusreklaamide keevitus
  • welder (2)
  • polisher (1)
  • folder (1)
  • painter (partner company)
  • assembler (8)
  • wrapper (2)
  • quality control (1)
  • packer
  • storer (2)

Production uses 2 CNC milling machines Mecanumeric (table measures 3 000 x 1 500 mm and 3 000 x 2 000 mm), Domina letter edge bending machine, Cidan bending/folding machine (sheet width up to 3 metres), Schröeder guillotine (sheet width up to 3 metres) and Fronius welding equipment.

Quality control (1)

Quality control sheets have been compiled and are used for checking the advertisement before delivery. Checks ensure that the product conforms to the design, light is even and with the correct intensity. If the product passes the quality control, it receives the CE-marking. The CE-marking certifies that the advertisement conforms to safety requirements, required standards and that necessary technical documentation exists.

During and at the end of each work phase, conformity with construction drawings is checked.

The entire work process follows ISO standards 9001 and 14001.

Packaging and transport

Valgusreklaamide pakkiminePackaging ensures that the advertisement reaches its destination securely regardless of the size, volume or specifics of the given advertisement(s).

Most importantly, every advertisement must reach the client intact (without damage) ready for installation.

We use logistics partners with whom we have established the best solutions over the years for securely transporting all types of advertisements.


Installation planning already takes place in the early phase of the project. Depending on the installation location, the profile offered and the installation process might be changed.

Simultaneously with a price request for the advertisement to the budgeter a request is sent to the cooperation partner responsible for installation.  In cooperation with the installers, production receives additional inputs on fastening means of the advertisement and their potential colouring requirements.

The installers are responsible for the logistics of ordering transport and required installation equipment.

We have different cooperation partners for installation whose quality of work conforms with our conditions and with whom we have established the most effective means for ensuring quality.

One of the biggest dangers in exterior installation is the weather. With winds greater than 39,24 km/h  it is no longer permitted/safe to operate cage lifts.

Maintenance and repair

The project manager/sales representative responsible for the project is responsible for maintenance and repair as well. Where necessary, faults are identified using the help of installation partners. Sometimes the client’s information and photos might be sufficient for understanding what is required to alleviate the defects.

The prerequisite for the best possible after service is the existence of exact construction drawings for the advertisement and their proper archiving and accessibility.

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