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Illuminated boxes

Illuminated boxes are illuminated advertisements which are lit in one piece. Illuminated boxes can be used to make small eye-catching advertisements as well as very large solutions that can be attached to the walls of shopping centres.

We have produced illuminated boxes more than 20 years of activity and come across all kinds of unexpected situations. Sometimes, technical requirements might restrict artistic freedom, but we can use our know-how to advise you on obtaining an appropriate result.

Where to use illuminated boxes

Illuminated boxes can make logos, fonts and longer texts shine that would be difficult to produce using individual channel letters. For example, illuminated boxes are used when a logo is attached to the wall not with the back, but with the left or right side. The solution is very common in the interior of shopping centres where a shop name needs to be highly visible at a distance in the hallway.

Illuminated boxes are also well suited to pylons and building directories where texts are longer and there is no sense for each letter to be made separately.

What determines the price of an illuminated box

The price of an illuminated box is primarily dependent on its size and only thereafter on the type of solution. Some solutions are suitable for very small sizes and others can be tens of metres in size.

Different solutions or profiles

L10 - Front surface aluminium and Plexiglas, logo elements are volumetric and illuminated

L10 and L1 are similar solutions where light passes through openings in aluminium. But additionally, volumetric logo elements which project from the aluminium surface, are used here. The solution is appropriate where the elements must be clearly seen and understood when viewed on an angle. Playing with the thickness of letters and logos, very varied 3D solutions can be produced.

You will getcomplete illuminated advertising solutions from us

Once we know your objectives, our sales and design team will give feedback on existing ideas. Our team will also indicate our solutions that fulfil the desired objectives 100%.

Proper planning is important as it ensures quality results that suit the surroundings and provide good visibility. Taking time in the initial phase to consider different solutions and to understand their consequences is important for avoiding compromises that might produce an undesired end result.

Once aims and wishes are specified, the designers take over. They cooperate with the production and project manager to ensure that everything is realistic. Different fonts and technical solutions need different approaches, requiring complete sketches before production begins.

Once final sketch and offer has been confirmed, constructors create an exact model and construction drawings using special 3D software for the illuminated advertising.

This stage is important as it ensures that the planned construction is stable and able to withstand different weather conditions before actual production.

This phase is especially critical in case of special solutions where we might meet certain challenges for the first time ourselves.

Our production uses very contemporary machinery, including a CNC bench, edge benders, welding benches and light masters.

What stages does a product pass before completion? During the production process, production managers follow a certain work process to ensure that all requirements and deadlines are met (including an optimal installation schedule). Sales managers take care of the entire communication between the client and the company during the entire production process.

Transport and packaging always depend on the type of illuminated advertising product. Both soft and hard packaging is used as required to ensure that the product reaches the installation site unbroken and with good quality.

In addition to more immediate areas, we have sent our products to Scandinavia and the United States making us very experienced in proper packaging and transport.

Over the years we have developed trustworthy installation teams which are capable of installing illuminated advertisements on roofs or high up on façades of buildings.

Full attention is given to every project regardless of size, as poor installation may ruin the previously completed perfect task.

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