Channel letters

LED channel letters are small or large format individual illuminated letters or logos. In addition to having very good visibility as an outdoor advertisement at night or dusk, these channel letters are easily visible during the day or indoors, making it one of the best solutions for making your logo visible. LED channel letters allow conveying the customer’s logo or design in a virtually unchanged form. However, depending on materials, technological solution, and desired sizes, some technical limitations may apply. Our sales team can help you out here with their advice and experience to find the best illuminated ad solution. During its more than 25-year history, Volume Design has had experience with a great many number of different font styles and sizes – both for front-lit, back-lit and front-lit and back-lit channel letter illuminated ads. Based on this experience, we will find the best solution in cooperation with the client, regardless of the complexity of the challenge.


LED channel letters are one of the most common illuminated advertising solutions for both indoor and outdoor advertising. Illuminated channel letters allow to display the client’s logo, name or slogan in a public space or indoor environment in a virtually unchanged form, such as on building facades, roofs or office walls. By combining different materials, shades, and technical solutions it is possible to create visually distinctive products. LED channel letters allow for both front-lit or frontally illuminated LED channel letters as well as back-lit or back-lit channel letters or even front-lit and back-lit channel letters which can create a glow behind the logo or slogan. Front-lit and back-lit channel letters allow to combine different lighting tones to illuminate both front and back surfaces.