Channel letters

LED channel letters are small or large scale individual illuminated letters or logos. LED channel letters facilitate the most precise visualization of the client’s logo, name, or slogan since channel letters allow to best imitate the customer’s desired design. In addition to very good visibility at night or at dusk, they are also easily visible during the day. As a result, channel letters are one of the most widely used illuminated ad solutions both in public spaces and indoors.


Lightboxes are essentially similar to channel letters, but unlike them, their appearance has limited possibilities and does not allow the production of very complex shapes. Usually, the appearance of the lightbox is based on geometric shapes, and the design desired by the customer is presented on the front of the box. Lightboxes allow very large scale solutions. Using LED technology, it is possible to create relatively thin LED lightboxes that are very well suited for indoor use.

Ad columns

Ad columns or pylons are independent complete solutions. Illuminated ad columns do not require pre-existing constructions to place ads, instead, the production and installation of illuminated ad columns create a new independent landmark. It is possible to use both LED channel letters as well as lightboxes, depending on the wishes and design.

Volumetric letters

Unlit volumetric letters can be used both indoors and outdoors. Depending on the place of use and size of the letters, the letters can be made of different materials and with different surface finishes. Unlit volumetric letters are very well suited for indoor installation where the viewer is close.


Portals are used to highlight entrances and clearly distinguish them from the rest of the façade. Entrance portals can be used both indoors and outdoors. A portal provides excellent opportunities to install LED channel letters or other advertising solutions in situations where this may be difficult, such as due to the material or texture of the surface.

Ad signs

Billboards and ad signs are simple but cost-effective solutions for providing necessary information. Ad signs and billboards facilitate the use of both flat and volumetric solutions.

Ad banners

Banners also enable cost-effective implementation of very large-format solutions, such as large advertising spaces on facades of residential or office buildings, and fences of construction sites. Depending on the expected service life of the ad banner, it is possible to use both printing technology and covering the banner with films to create the necessary design.

Sticker ads

Sticker ads are the most cost-effective way to convey information. Depending on the location of the installation, you can choose the most suitable type of film, which ensures the longest possible service life for the sticker ad. Vehicle vinyl wrapping uses material series specially meant to wrap vehicles. Thanks to the large selection of materials available, it is possible to cover a wide variety of surfaces, starting with glass and ending with concrete, which is a relatively demanding surface.