Pylons and totems

Pylons and totems are independent complete solution on an aluminium or steel frame. The load-bearing structure of the pylons and totems are designed according to the desired appearance. It is possible to create illuminated pylons and totems with different bases and shapes. Pylons and totems are completely or partially covered with cover materials depending on the desired result and the necessary illuminated or non-illuminated ads are attached. Illuminated pylons and totems can be used with both illuminated ads as well as illuminated letters or a combination of both.

Main uses for pylons and totems

Pylons and totems are independent complete solutions. The illuminated advertising column does not need previous structures to place advertisements – instead, a new landmark is created in the production and installation of an advertising column. LED channel letters as well as lightboxes can be used for advertising columns, depending on the wishes and the design.